Here are the committee back in 1984. If anyone can send me in the names left to right it wid be much appreciated. I see George Mitchell the Baker there in the green parka jist in front of the flag. He has taken part in the walk since he was a loon.

 Derek McRae  wrote in wi this bittie.

I used to play in the band (pipes) back in the early 60's (my dad Jimmy McRae was band secretary). 
I can identify a couple of 'worthies' in this  photo ! 
Pat Mair is to rt of G Mitchell (looking at photo) and Morris (Mosey) Myron front right. 
Pat's brother Billy also played in the band (drums). 
'Mosey' Myron had a cobblers shop half way up Conval Street on lhs.   I think he now lives in Elgin.
Derek McRae (Inverness)

Weel noo! Thanks for that Derek!

Doon Tominudh Road in 2005

 this is the last year o the apples......story to follow.
 and here we are in 2008 setting up for the walk.

 Many thanks go to  Grant and Anderson from Balvenie Street Dufftown, who provided us with new widden weapons for the walk.

Many o the  original weapons which were said to have been used at the battle of Mortlach hiv dissapeared over the years and only a few remain. If you happen to hae any which ye mebbe forgot to hand back and hae lying aboot in your laft. All ye hae to dee is take them along to the walk on the first of January and we wouild be delighted to be reunited wi them.There will be nae repercussions at all.

 The big banner that follows the pipe band held aloft by the strongest youths in the toon was getting a bit auld and fooshty. It was taken to the dry cleaners who asked us to sign a declaration that if if it fell to bits it widna  be their fault.

So Kenny Watt the Secretary o' the Juvenile society  took the banner hame and dooked it in the bath wi washin pooder  then rinsed it oot and hung it oot to dry in his close. It came up like new. Fit a rare job he made  as ye can see! 

So ye ken far to go to get yer washing deen!

He also cleaned up a the sashes too, they hid been pit awa weet and a the colours had run the gither. They come up fine too.

We micht hae to splash oot on some new ane's soon as the bairns are a bigger noo than they used to be.

 Noo here we are at the bairns New Years party at nicht.

A mannie told me he mine't aboot the lemonade factory accross the road a zink bath fu o' lemonade used to come in, and abody got a cup or two, this  was a luxury item at the time.

 Noo the tradition is nearly the same, they still get a free plastic bottle o' cola. 

They usualy cha a hole in the bottom and squirt a ower the fleer the wee rouges!

They used to get an apple too which was really appreciated at the time.

Unfortunately bairns these days are weel off an dinna really appreciate an apple the same, they can get ane fae the shop onay day.

Efter the party we would find apples scattered up and doon Albert Place, and they wid be kicking them up and doon the hall like a fitba. So noo they get a bag o crisps. Which is seen scoffed.

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